Best Phones Under 20K in Kenya

Here’s a dilemma anyone looking to buy a phone in Kenya faces.

  1. He or she is surrounded by hundreds of phones models all screaming for attention. “Buy me. I am the best.” Each seems to say.
  2. They have a limited budget. In this case let’s say KES 20K

If you were the one making this choice…

Finding an awesome phone worth 20K…

The question is, “Out of all the options available, which phone would you buy?”

Can you now see how difficult making the right choice is?

That’s why I decided to write this post… To make you easily decide on the best phone under 20K.

Techno phones for sale in Kenya

It answers everything you need to know about phones under 20K in Kenya even if you’ve never bought one before.

To know which phone under 20 K you need, you’ll need to understand yourself.

By knowing who you are, and how you intend to use the phone, you’ll easily make the right choice.

So… Are planning to use the phone for…

  • Making and receiving calls,
  • Light browsing through the internet,
  • Using apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media sites moderately,
  • Taking a few photos and selfies here and there…

If that describes you, then a phone under KES 20,000/= is for you.

Best oppo phone under 20K in Kenya

Here’s Why a Phone Under Ksh 20,000/= is for You.

Let’s face this fact.

Though all of us are equal in our humanity, when it comes to financial and purchasing power, we are very different.

There are those who have lots of power.

Others have medium power, and sadly others have low power.

So phone manufacturers, in accommodating the various classes, have created various brand categories.

Now when it comes to phones under 20K, this category of phones is an entry level smart phone.

Don’t get me wrong.

That fact however, does not mean that they are of low quality.

In fact, phones under 20K are high-high quality gadgets.  

They are specifically designed for light users as described earlier.

I can compare this category of phones to a Honda fit, and cars of other brands in that category.

Phones costing under 20 K Kenya are not meant for heavy phone users who…

  • Take hundreds of photos every day,
  • Stay online for hours,
  • Compose multiple emails and send them,
  • Are in tens of highly engaging WhatsApp groups that share tons of videos every day

They are meant for light users who just need their phones to accomplish simple daily tasks.

If you’re keen, you’ll notice that phones (whatever the brand) in this range have the following:

  • RAM of between 2-4 GB
  • Hard Disk Storage of between 32-128 GB
  • Battery life of between 2,200-3,200 MAh
  • CPU of 2.2GHZ

These specs are suitable for light phone use.

If you subject a phone that costs under 20K to heavy use it will start having issues.

A few months down the lane you’ll notice that

  1. The phone is getting slower,
  2. The storage is getting full,
  3. And you are charging the battery frequently

Below is a table showing Phones Under 20K in Kenya, their Specs and average prices on Jumia.

Table showing Best Phones Under 20K in Kenya

Phone Model Brand RAM Storage Battery life CPU Speed Average Price KES (in Jumia)
Huawei Nova 3I Huawei 4 GB 128 GB 3,340 mAh 2.2 GHZ KES 16,980
Huawei Y5P Huawei 2 GB 32 GB 3,020 mAh 2.0 GHZ KES 11,299
Huawei Y9 Huawei 4 GB 128 GB 4,000 mAh 8.8 GHZ KES 19,000
Huawei Y6 Huawei 3 GB 64 GB 3,020 mAh 2.2 GHZ KES 14,999
Oppo A83 Oppo 4 GB 64 GB 3,180 mAh 2.5 GHZ KES 9,199
Oppo A57 Oppo 3 GB 32 GB 2,900 mAh 1.4 GHZ KES 10,222
Oppo A1K Oppo 2 GB 32 GB 4,000 mAh 8.0 GHZ KES 15,998
Tecno Pova Neo Tecno 4 GB 64 GB 7,000 mAh 2.0 GHZ KES 16,650
Tecno Pop 2F Tecno 1 GB 16 GB 2,400 mAh 1.3 GHZ KES 8,198
Tecno Camon 18i Tecno 4 GB 128 GB 5,000 mAh 2.0 GHZ KES 20,559
Galaxy A03 Samsung 2 GB 32 GB 5,000 mAh 1.2 GHZ KES 12,499
Blackview A100 Samsung 6 GB 128 GB 4,680 mAh 2.0 GHZ KES 18,550
Blackview A70 Samsung 3 GB 32 GB 5,380 mAh 1.6 GHZ KES 11,990
Galaxy A12 Samsung 4 GB 64 GB 5,000 mAh 2.3 GHZ KES 19,499
Galaxy A03 Samsung 4 GB 64 GB 5,000 mAh 1.6 GHZ KES 15,999
Techno phones for sale in Kenya

Conclusion on The Best Phones Under 20K in Kenya:

If it were me making this choice, I will be looking at a phone that has:

  1. Good processor Speed
  2. Large storage
  3. High RAM capacity
  4. Long battery life.

So my choices will boil down to the following phones from the list above:

Huawei Y9

This phone fits the above criteria that affect the performance of a phone most.

Tecno Pova Neo

The only downside of this phone is its 64 GB storage. I’ll try to find if there’s a version that has 128 GB

Tecno Camon 18i

This phone fits the above criteria perfectly though it is still slightly over budget. I’ll consider buying it.

Galaxy A12

This phone has really good specifications. However, its downside is on storage. I would readily buy a version that has 128 GB internal storage, but this would flip its prize to over 20K

After I’ve shortened my list to the above, I’ll start looking at minor details like the camera, both front and back, color, the weight and other minor details that will tip one phone over the others!

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